Pandaravasini. One interpretation of her name is “the white-robed one”. She is the Buddha of Meditation, some times described as the Buddha of love. 

The image has been drawn out of and based on the book written by Vessantara, ‘The Five Female Buddhas’ 2004.

Colour: red

Element: fire

Wisdom: discriminating

Jina consort: Amitabha

Family: padma-lotus

Direction: west

Time of day: sunset

Emblem: lotus

Mudra: devotion

Seed-syllable: PAM

Associated animal: Phoenix

Poison: craving

Realm: hungry ghosts

Magical function: attracting

Aggregate: discrimination

Pandaravasini 36” x 46” 2007 © On permanent display at Bristol Buddhist Centre.

full image pandara