Akasadhatesvari. One interpretation of her name is “the sovereign lady of the sphere of inner space”. 

The image has been drawn out of and based on the book written by Vessantara, ‘The Five Female Buddhas’ 2004.

Colour: white

Element: space

Wisdom: Dharmadhatu-sphere of reality

Jina consort: Vairocana

Family: Buddha-Awakened

Direction: centre

Emblem: wheel of the Dharma

Seed-syllable: AM

Associated Animal: Lioness

Mudra: turning the wheel of the Dharma

Poison: ignorance

Realm: Gods, Devas and Brahmas

Magical function: pacifying

Aggregate: consciousness

Akasadhatesvari 36” x 46” 2007 © On permenent display at Bristol Buddhist Centre

full image akasa